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Patient Education
With advancements in pharmaceutical medicine, medical device technology, and diagnostic processes occurring daily it is more important than ever that sufficient educational resources be provided to the patient. It is absolutely necessary for an ill person to gain a better understanding of their condition and for them to know how they will be treated. Typically, diagnosis and treatment for a disease requires multiple physicians and various analytical processes, and there are often several options for management of the condition. This dizzying stream of information can leave a newly diagnosed person completely overwhelmed.

At we base our teaching model on a basic scientific principal. Research studies have illustrated that people remember only 20% of what they hear, and only 30% of what they see. But when a person both hears and sees they remember approximately 70%. Based on this powerful statistic, one can understand the significance of utilizing streaming video as the most effective online tool for patient education.

We invite you to take a moment... watch a program... and experience the educational impact that only streaming video can provide.