Crohn's Disease
Crohns Disease

When Orlando Regional Healthcare wanted to provide an additional level of comfort to the men and women entering their hospital for cardiac care they decided the best way to do that would be through an educational video produced by Creative Force.

The administration and nursing staff didn’t want their video to show a bunch of talking heads sitting around in chairs discussing healthcare. They didn't want the typical, outdated program provided by many medical device manufacturers. And they didn't want a video that was mass-produced by a vendor and then leased to them.

What they did want was a custom, comprehensive, bi-lingual program of broadcast production quality that would educate both the English and Spanish speaking members of their community.

The Creative Force crew shot on location at the hospital for 5 consecutive days. During that time, we maintained the highest levels of flexibility to meet the often shifting availability of physicians, patients, locations, and more. Once in post, we created and utilized high-end 2D and 3D animations to support the edit and to ensure the best visual impact.

Upon completion of the feature, Orlando Regional received 1,000 DVD’s, 200 VHS copies, and chapter-based streaming video files that would help them achieve maximum distribution for their program.

Orlando Regional Healthcare’s level of commitment to the patient continues to set them apart from competing Cardiac Care Providers in their area, but more importantly, is also creates a great sense of trust and confidence with their first priority… their patients.

Subject Matter Experts ORHS
Sita Price, ARNP-BC
Nurse Practitioner, Cardiology Services Orlando Regional Healthcare
Mark Sand
Cardiac Surgeon
Orlando Regional Healthcare
Arnold Einhorn
Orlando Regional Healthcare
Roshni Patel
Orlando Regional Healthcare