Device Manufacturer

Device Manufacturer
When a healthcare facility considers making a significant investment in the latest medical device, diagnostic product, or health care information system, it is absolutely necessary that instruction for proper use of that product or system be provided.

In all cases, hardcopy manuals should be present, but when the equipment is actually put to use in the active atmosphere of a city hospital, that paperwork can easily be misplaced or lost. Add to this scenario that hospitals often have significant turnaround of nursing and support staff, and it's easy to see that a more practical, accessible, and permanent solution is required.

To address this concern, Creative Force Video Productions will create a custom instructional video either based off of the existing manual, or on the specific processes adopted by the healthcare facility itself. The completed program can then be placed on the network as a streaming video file for instant playback, or it can be authored on DVD for playback when a network connection is not available.

Device Manufacturer
By taking advantage of video training, a healthcare facility can ensure:
  • That new technology will be adopted more readily
  • That the staff has accurate information at point-of-need
  • That new hires are brought up to speed rapidly
  • That existing personnel can refresh their memory when needed
In the end, this training resource helps save healthcare facilities time and money while also ensuring that patients receive optimal care from knowledgeable staff.