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The following expert testimonials were written by leading healthcare professionals in the field of Pediatric Respiratory Care.  We are very proud that this video met their exceedingly high standards.

It is our continuing goal to receive feedback from other medical professionals, as well as  from parents, so that we  can improve upon this program and ensure that future videos address all the areas of care that both healthcare providers and parents need.

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“This video takes a very fundamental approach to tracheostomy care and management by the caregiver in the home setting. The detail and description is clinically accurate and up-to-date, yet very practical for the non-healthcare practitioner to provide this care accurately and safely. This video is of very high quality and very professional in its presentation, and I would recommend it as supplemental viewing (in addition to the professional instruction received) to families of children with tracheostomies that are being transitioned home. It would also serve as an excellent review for those families with children already in the home setting as it includes the “current concepts” of best practice for tracheostomy care and management.”

Timothy Myers
Director, Asthma & Diagnostic Centers & Pediatric Respiratory Care University Hospital’s Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital

“As we move to Web 2.0 and more people acquire broadband internet connections, streaming video is becoming a whole new resource. I am very excited that Matt and Melanie are making their excellent tracheostomy care video "Breath of Life" available to all on-line for free. I'm happy to endorse this project and also host this video at If a picture speaks one thousand words, than a video can speak a million words. I know this video tutorial will be helpful not only to parents of children with tracheostomies, but also to any one involved in the care of children with tracheostomies including nurses and respiratory therapists.”

Cynthia Bissell, RN

“This educational conglomeration is a wonderful approach to tracheostomy care and management by non-healthcare providers. The detailed video and slides accurately depict practical ways of delivering this care. I would recommend this video / online presentation to anyone who is faced with taking a child home with a tracheostomy. The online format helps ensure that our patients are getting the most up-to-date information available without the fear of stocking outdated videos or DVDs for distribution.”

Brian K. Walsh, RRT-NPS, FAARC
University of Virginia
Pediatric Respiratory Medicine